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    In a previous post you stated that MP intends on having the 1st grade curriculum set out in the summer. Will there be a listing of it on the website that will display the contents of the set prior to the release? Will MP offer beta testing? I have 4 boys and we do year-round school. My son in grade K will be completing his studies early this year because he is such a fast learner. I really want to order the 1st grade set and I don't mind waiting for it. However, I would like to make sure that he is not too advanced for it. He will be completing Rod and Staff Math 1 and Copybook I this year. He is also reading and comprehending at a beginning 2nd grade level. He wants to learn as much as he can, because he want to be an astronaut. He read that astronauts have to be very smart and eat a lot of vegetables. Sometimes, I can't keep up with his thirst for knowledge because I have two older boys I teach and a baby to take care of. He wants to learn all of the time. When I can't teach him, he just takes books into his room and reads, reads, reads.
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    Right now, first grade includes: Rod & Staff Arithmetic 1, Part 2, SRA Phonics II, New American Cursive I, and our StoryTime Treasures/More StoryTime Treasures study guides for literature (you can see these on our website with samples). These particular elements of the program won't change. What we haven't completed yet is the read-aloud/enrichment portion of the curriculum. But that isn't part of the core anyway.

    I hope this helps you to make a decision. I wouldn't want to stand in the way of your son flying to the moon!



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