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Thread: LCI extra worksheets question

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    Default LCI extra worksheets question

    My ds is doing the extra worksheets that are posted on the MP site. He asked a question today that I can't answer. On Worksheet 2 Translations, we are wondering why we ignore "are" as in #3 They are preparing. Also, why does parant (the answer in the key) translate to They are preparing and not They prepare. Or are both answers correct?

    I have no previous knowledge of Latin so bear with me


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    Default present tense...


    the present tense can be translated in three different ways in English:

    which for parant would be
    simple present: they prepare
    ongoing present: they are preparing
    emphatic present: they do prepare

    all of which we consider to be happening NOW (therefore present tense) but each has a little different flavor.

    Glen Moore
    Glen Moore

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    The helping verb 'are' can be used in the present tense. There are actually 3 ways you can translate the present tense from Latin into English: 'They prepare,' 'they are preparing,' and 'they do prepare' are all correct translations of 'parant.' All of these answers would be correct and have the same meaning. When you get to First Form Latin, this will be explained in more detail.

    I hope this helps!


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    Thank you both so much!

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