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Thread: copyright on FFL tests and quizes

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    Default copyright on FFL tests and quizes

    I want to be sure to do things right so I am checking here. When we used LC1, we copied the quizes and tests from the teacher's manual for each child (this is in a homeschool setting with 1-2 children per year used over 5 children.) I just received my First Form Latin books (which look great!) and the tests and quizes are in a separate book with perferations. Does this mean each child needs his own quiz and test book just like he needs his own workbook? I would assume we cannot copy the tests and quizes to save the book for future children to use? If so, will it be possible to buy just the workbook and just the tests/quizes in the future so we do not need to buy the whole teacher's manual over again? Thanks for clarifying for me.

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    We have put the quizzes & tests booklet on our website to be purchased separately for $5.00, but we are also giving you permission to copy them if that suits you better. We are trying to meet everyone's needs.




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