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Thread: First Form Latin, p. 94 Teacher Guide

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    Default First Form Latin, p. 94 Teacher Guide

    I am taking the online 5-week overview course of First Form Latin with Glen Moore. In today's lesson, I noticed an error on p. 94 of the Teacher Guide (I don't know if the error also exists in the student text, but the error does occur in the minimized student page (p. 84) that is on p. 94 of the teacher's edition).

    On the Verb Review chart on page 94, the Future Perfect Conjugation at the very bottom is the exact same conjugation as the Pluperfect right above it, making the future perfect conj. incorrect on p. 94. The error occurs in all three columns (1st, 2nd, sum).


    Andrea Cavanaugh

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    Thank you! We have caught this, so the final book is correct, but we always want to know what you find just in case we haven't caught it!



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