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    My 3 eighth graders are on page 176 of Henle - first year. We have been using the study guide. The study guide says to Translate Reading No. 6. For translation work, I usually have each student write the Latin and translate it line by line. They give their work to me, I mark the errors and return their papers. They make the corrections.....However, the Readings are getting longer. Was the aforementioned method the original intent of the instruction to Translate the Reading? I'm thinking of having them each write the Latin, but translate it line by line as a group; it would be less time consuming. What do you advise?


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    Translating as a group is a great exercise! It really benefits the students who are struggling through translation to see the process modeled by others. And it takes the tedium out of the rigor required for translation.

    My son's Latin teacher used to model her classroom time in exactly the way you have laid out. Then, after the students had finished the translation together, they would be tested on a portion of it - maybe even just one line -later in the week.


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    Default Translation

    The copy work is good for translation only in that it makes the students process the Latin text a bit before they begin the unraveling puzzle-work that translation is for us non-mother-tongue Latin students. But... this very same benefit could be gotten from reading the passage a couple of times outloud...slowly... This would take far less time...and reinforce good pronunciation, and make julian fries, and further world peace, all at the same time for one low price.

    ok maybe not the world peace part
    Glen Moore

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