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Thread: Geometry Materials -- $$$

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    Default Geometry Materials -- $$$

    To those using the Geometry course, is it imperative that you have both the Teacher Edition and the Solutions Key in addition to the student text? That teacher edition is pricey! I'm happy to buy anything I will need for the course to be successful and I know I'll need the Solutions Key to help at home.

    MP staff, could I please get the ISBN numbers on these texts to give a go at finding them used?

    Follow up questions:
    Does a teacher who knows Geometry need a Teacher's Edition, or do they teach from the Student Text?
    Does anyone know of video or other resources that support this text? I saw on the previous thread that MP Geometry videos aren't planned.

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    Default Re: Geometry Materials -- $$$

    I hear you on the expense of the geometry materials. I bought mine used on eBay, but the availability comes and goes. Same with is a link to the solution manual.

    I bought all three pieces because I found the TM and the solution manual together for $90. The solution manual is an absolute necessity! It has the worked out problems (TM only has answer) and most importantly it has the worked out proofs. You do have to have some idea of what they have been doing because proofs can be attacked in several different ways, but it is nice to see how to start. The TM is nice for quick checks, an extra book for yourself, and the tests at the front that Cindy schedules in the plans. I didnít find it particularly necessary for teaching. The TM and solutions can be old and beat up, the book hasnít changed since the 1990ís...I would STRONGLY advise a new or at least a very good copy of the text because kids tend to write on the figures in their geometry textbook (alas, often in pen) . It took me three copies to find a used one good enough.

    I asked a few weeks back and Cindy indicated there are no current plans for geometry videos :-(. I believe on that other thread bean found some videos and SusanP found some lady that offers grading. I was too far along to research them. Maybe you can try them out and report back...I will need them in just about a year.

    Hope that helps! Geometry still scares me more than algebra!

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    Default Re: Geometry Materials -- $$$

    I believe this is the thread Dorinda referenced.
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    Default Re: Geometry Materials -- $$$

    We are doing this course this year. I have the student book and teacher book but no solution manual. I found the text and teacher book very cheap on Amazon but didnít want to fork out for the solutions. In general i donít need solutions. I can work most problems easily and the harder ones we work through together so she can see my problem solving strategies. Grading proofs is hard though!!! The teacher book doesnít have anything for proofs. It has all the other answers but no proofs. We just work through them together and I make sure her logic is sound. The teacher book has tests in the front that are different than the chapter tests in the text. I use those since MP didnít make a test book for this course. Thatís the only thing I can think the teacher book has that i use that a solutions book wouldnít have. The main reason I chose teacher over solution was the tests and I could buy it much cheaper used than I could find the solutions book.
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    Default Re: Geometry Materials -- $$$


    The Geometry student text is ISBN 978-0-39597-727-4.
    The Teacher is ISBN 978-0-395-97728-6.
    The Solutions Manual is 978-0-395-67766-7.

    I hope this helps you to find them used or for rent.


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