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Thread: Pacing in SC3 alternate start

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    Default Pacing in SC3 alternate start

    Weve been working on CS3 and On the Trail as listed on the alternate start for SC3. Im wondering though: is he supposed to read every story in the page ranges for On the Trail, or am I supposed to be picking and choosing which stories to cover? Hes reading quite well and Im wondering if Im slowing him down too much by having him read every story.

    DS-13 & DS-14 (mix of 6M & 8M)
    DS-11 (5M)
    DS-9 (SC2)
    DD-7 (MP1)
    DD-5 (SC1)
    DD-3 (Preschool)

    DS-14 & DS-15 (MP9 Literature, Novare Intro to Physics, Light to the Nations I (CTP), MPOA for: Latin, Algebra I, Ref/Con
    DS-12 (6M)
    DS-10 (SC3)
    DD-8 (MP2)
    DD-6 (SC2)
    DD-3 (NT using SCB for gradual intro to JrK)

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    Default Re: Pacing in SC3 alternate start

    He's 10, correct? Go with your hunch. 1 of every 2 or 3 might be plenty for him! Choose the stories you know he will enjoy, or let him look at the Table of Contents and mark with a small pencil checkmark the ones he would like to read.

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