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Thread: SC21/2/3 Bible Verses

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    Default SC21/2/3 Bible Verses

    We are doing SC2 with my son, but not the full SC2, since he has sisters in other levels of SC that we are using for enrichment. We have the full curriculum guide and the individual lesson plans for the Bible, in particular with level 2. There are times where it says to learn a verse or review a verse. I have the verses because they are in the full recitation (but I have to look around for them). However, if I were only doing say, the Bible + writing, I would not have these verses laid out nicely for me. I would actually have to go to the copybook (which I might not have if I were doing the Bible and Writing with an older student?). There are a lot of translations, so to have the specific one for the course it would be nice to have a separate page with the verses learned in level 2 provided in both the full curriculum guide and individual lesson plans. (The same goes for level 1 and 3. They are spread all around the recitations in those levels). The "regular" MP tracks have the Bible verses on a separate page. It would be nice to have the same in the SC levels!

    Thank you!
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    Good suggestion, Christine. We will work on this. Thank you!

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