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Thread: Spelling test question

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    Default Spelling test question

    For TS2 tests: should I have my daughter cover the test words when she does the dictation sentence? She’s referencing them when writing the sentence.

    DS-13 & DS-14 (mix of 6M & 8M)
    DS-11 (5M)
    DS-9 (SC2)
    DD-7 (MP1)
    DD-5 (SC1)
    DD-3 (Preschool)

    DS-14 & DS-15 (MP9 Literature, Novare Intro to Physics, Light to the Nations I (CTP), MPOA for: Latin, Algebra I, Ref/Con
    DS-12 (6M)
    DS-10 (SC3)
    DD-8 (MP2)
    DD-6 (SC2)
    DD-3 (NT using SCB for gradual intro to JrK)

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    Default Re: Spelling test question

    We don't have students in our classrooms cover the list. If they want to reference, it should be fine-if they spelled it right!

    Michelle T

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