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    Default SC4 Review!!

    We are very excited to be doing SC4!! We are loving everything about it! (We are doing R&S 3 math).

    Latin - We have the DVD and watch it with friends on Tuesday. We do the rest of the work the rest of the week. She loved playing "Latin Apple Tree".

    R&S3 - I debated whether to write in the book or not. It really has nothing to do with using it as a consumable, but the skill being used/taught in copying problems. I was told by the HLS-Indy staff that they actually start writing in the book at the beginning of the year, but in the middle switch to copying problems. I knew for my daughter we may as well start with the "harder skill" of copying while the problems were review. As it turns out, she wasn't "up to speed" on the triplets as I thought. However, on week 3 she is already improving. We are doing all the Fact Forms assigned in the R&S teacher's manual and she is up to 3 rows of copying. The first week was challenging. However, after finishing a fact form more quickly she looked up and said "wow, I did that fast!" I will admit to not doing R&S "all in" these last few years. WE are "all in" this year and I am amazed at her progress in only 3 weeks. I also didn't realize she would have trouble skip counting by 5's past 100. (this has improved as well and is up to par)

    Traditional Spelling 1 - My daughter's FAVORITE subject! She loves everything about it! It looked much more complicated than I wanted and I actually began our first few days using AAS. (I even spent the summer writing ALL the "colorful" words on notecards ) As our days were getting complicated with 3 cores, we "switched" to Traditional Spelling. As she can read better than a 1st grader would, she can do much independently. I love teaching this, actually! P.S. - I have tested her through week 20 and she could spell every.single word correctly. We are moving quickly through the lessons, but doing all the parts. I have found a great benefit to using the program to its fullest, even though the spelling at the moment is "easy".

    Literature Guides - we are doing this with a group of friends (see Latin) and again, "I" am loving teaching this. I am learning loads myself and again, the actual reading is not that difficult but the guides are at a prefect "learning" level.

    Core Skills Language Arts 1 & 2. - WE are enjoying these and at the moment she can do mostly independently. (as it is mostly review at the moment). I can see that by the middle of the year, I will have to be teaching this more.

    New American Cursive 2 - a "repeat" from last year, but she has not exactly figured out that it is. She needs this review.


    Well, there is a lot going on here!

    Read Aloud - we divided the vocabulary up so we are covering 1/3 each week. I read the words outloud for them (all 3 of my kids are participating) to listen in the story. When they hear a word, they raise their hands. We then try and define the word in context. I did this page by page. I then finished the rest of the story. The 4th week we will just enjoy the story.

    Mammals - don't let the 1st week scare you off. It was really too much for 1 reading, but we pushed through. Week 2 is more manageable! My daughter likes it a lot!

    States and Capitals - just 1 week in, but we have the 1st state "down" as well as the first 3 Presidents!

    LOVE the Poetry:Heroes, Horses & Harvest Moons

    We are up to date on Mozart! YEAH! (we usually fall behind on this!!)

    Overall, I am so pleased with this total package!

    DD1 8/23/09 - SC4
    DS2 9/1/11 - SC2
    DD3 2/9/13 - MPK

    Previous Years
    DD 1 (MPK, SC2 (with AAR), SC3)
    DS2 (SCB, SCC, MPK)
    DD3 (SCA, SCB, Jr. K workbooks, soaking up from the others!)

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    Default Re: SC4 Review!!

    Thank you! Good to hear!

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    Default Re: SC4 Review!!

    Christine and Cheryl,
    I've been holding out wondering if we should do the do the SC4 enchichment lesson plans. But I saw that they were $12/13, which is a bit more than the usual MP lesson plans. Can you share a little more about them? Is Mammals done exactly the same at the 3M lesson plans, or are they modified, scaled back? And then the states/caps are done more with understanding a sticker map vs. the usual MP states/caps student book work. Is that correct? Then there's the myth read-aloud and Mozart music. Can you share more? It looks like the link to the music is only for 7 Mozart selections. Do y'all study just those 7 songs over the entire year? Do the lesson plans given additional info/teaching tips ?



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    Default Re: SC4 Review!!

    Yes, the lesson plans give you more teaching tips, goals, and pacing to achieve the goals. Enrichment in SC 4 is "multum non multa," (much deeply rather than many things studied only in a shallow manner).

    Mozart -- yes, just Mozart all year with listening & discussion questions for each piece studied and played.

    US - yes, geography via the sticker map, along with learning the US presidents, states, and capitals in preparation for the full MP States & Capitals course in MP 5-6.

    Mammals - pacing is identical but scheming is slightly different with drawings occurring immediately the day after the mammal study.

    Myths - SC 4 gives you a unique study in mythology with more time spent learning a few select myths, themes, and names with discussion questions leading the student to a better understanding of mythology vs. truth. The beautifully illustrated books are worth finding simply for the artwork, but the lessons prep for the more challenging Greek Myths studied even more deeply in 5&6.

    Poetry - you also receive poetry study & memorization in SC 5&6 Enrichment.

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    Default Re: SC4 Review!!

    Thank you, Cheryl, and I apologize for my detailed questioning. I wondered about all this while at SG in July and, as you can tell, am still wondering about it all and the best approach I should take with my son. WE did begin his new year today, staggered a week after his big brother. Rather than just spend once or twice a week on Christian Studies, Mammals, States/Caps, I'm going to try to spend a little time each day, at lease 4 days a week. And we are skipping the Greek Myths for this year. The math, EGR, Spelling, Cursive all go pretty quickly. I'm sure we will find our groove over the coming weeks. I'm keeping that SC4 enrichment plans held out as a strong possibility.


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    Default Re: SC4 Review!!

    Are there separate lesson plans for Enrichment? I just got the teacher manual for SC 4 and I did not order enrichment lesson plans. I cannot find them on the webpage.
    JeJe Greer
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