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    Hello! My first post! Starting Memoria Press this year and wondering if there is anywhere that suggests a start date? I'm sure everyone is a bit different, but just curious if there was a suggested date in order to get everything in and themed correctly with enrichment/etc. I have a 2nd grader and Junior-Kindergartner.


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    Welcome!!! I usually try to get in fifteen weeks before Christmas break. If you'll look at the primary guides you'll see they usually break for Christmas about week fifteen. It's not necessary, but it makes the year easy because we get in plenty of days in the fall.
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    Last year was our first year and we started mid-August. The enrichment portion of the curriculum needed a little adjusting in order to get the read aloud to line up with the holidays, but the rest of the curriculum was fine as scheduled. I think I might have shuffled around 4 weeks worth of enrichment around Christmas? It really wasn't much of a hassle at all.

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    Thank you so much! Your responses are really helpful! We are excited to jump in and also have a baby coming around Thanksgiving so hoping to get a head start.

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