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    Sometimes people need an easy, open-and-go, but thorough, multisensory, engaging, and step-by-step way to teach (or address gaps in) phonics and reading before beginning SC 2 or any other program. Rather than continue to hand-pick products in response to such requests by email, I thought it might be helpful to post this as a set for easy linking.

    You need these items from SC 1 to take your child from stumbling to reading in 34 weeks, 5 days a week, or at your own accelerated pace:

    1. Individual Lesson Plans with built-in VAKT lessons, Scroll down to Special Needs, then SC 1 Phonics. (When you click on your choice of Digital or Print you may not see anything happen, but it will be added to your cart.)
    2. First Start Reading Student Set -- Note that E was added to this set. Even though we wait until SC 3 to teach E, you might appreciate having or teaching FSR E ahead of SC 3.
    3. First Start Reading Teacher Guide A-D
    4. Core Skills Phonics K -- You will need K only, unless you would like to add a page or two of 1 as additional written practice.
    5. ALS Readers Fun in the Sun, Soft and White, Scamp and Tramp

    6. Classical Phonics
    7. Primary Phonics Readers Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 --Note: Set 3 is for extra, unscheduled practice after SC 1 is completed.
    8. Phonics A to Z -- This is a helpful, highly recommended reference book with good book lists, visual aids for teaching phonemes, and more.
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