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    Sometimes people need an easy, open-and-go, but thorough, multisensory, engaging, and step-by-step way to teach (or address gaps in) phonics and reading before beginning SC 2 or any other program. Rather than continue to hand-pick products in response to such requests by email, I thought it might be helpful to post this as a set for easy linking.

    You need these items from SC 1 to take your child from stumbling to reading in 34 weeks, 5 days a week, or at your own accelerated pace:

    1. Individual Lesson Plans with built-in VAKT lessons, Scroll down to Special Needs, then SC 1 Phonics. (When you click on your choice of Digital or Print you may not see anything happen, but it will be added to your cart.)
    2. First Start Reading Student Set -- Note that E was added to this set. Even though we wait until SC 3 to teach E, you might appreciate having E ahead of SC 3.
    3. First Start Reading Teacher Guide A-D
    4. Core Skills Phonics K -- You will need K only, unless you would like to add a page or two of 1 as additional written practice.
    5. ALS Readers Fun in the Sun, Soft and White, Scamp and Tramp

    6. Classical Phonics
    7. Primary Phonics Readers Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 --Note: Set 3 is for extra, unscheduled practice after SC 1 is completed.
    8. Phonics A to Z -- This is a helpful, highly recommended reference book with good book lists, visual aids for teaching phonemes, and more.

    Note that if you use this code ship18free2 in February 2018, you receive all items shipped for free.
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