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    My nine year old daughter has been diagnosed with an severe intellectual disability with an IQ in the low 70s/high 60s. I've been using SC Level 1 this school year and it is SO great. We've gone from really rough, long school days to days of (relative) peace. My problem is that I don't see the progress that I had hoped to see. DD just can't seem to retain information, even after repeated drill. So. . .should I repeat Level 1 next year? She definitely won't be ready for Level 2 any time soon. My evaluator (we live in PA) tells me that as long as there is progress, however minimal, I satisfy the requirement of the law. Anybody have a similar situation. . .or an opinion?

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    Specifically, what is she not retaining?

    Math facts? I wouldn't repeat a year of math just for that. I would continue on and add a second round of flashcards throughout the day.

    Phonics? This warrants a slow down. Give her plenty of practice. Try chunking words. I think it's okay if theyre still painfully sounding out words at the mid-way point. Make sure you're using those phonics cards and playing the games from your guide.

    Spelling?The spelling dictation is not meant to be from memory. You should write the words on the board and then have her find the word you say and copy it.
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    It is wonderful that you are seeing at least some progress in SC 1! This warms my heart.

    Which SC 1 Week are you teaching right now?

    If/when you approach the end of SC 1, remember that you have free, built-in 8-week extensions to help you bridge to SC 2. These were designed just for such scenarios and can even be extended further or strengthened with suggestions such as those Colomama provided.

    Would that help?

    If not, and if she would not mind repeating some subjects such as a repeat of FSR B, C, D, we could easily customize the areas she needs to repeat. The second time around, you could use new consumables, give her new colors of Wikki sticks, new clay, etc. to give it all a newer feel.

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