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Thread: should I put my 6 year old in SC?

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    Default should I put my 6 year old in SC?

    This is a bit of a cross post with my placement question thread in the K-8 board.

    I have 6.5 year old twins. One them reverses letters, even in her own name/signature, seems to be struggling with phonological awareness (although spells some words by rote) and math can be a bit of a struggle. She does very well with the memory work in CC and AWANA. Piano lessons are going slower than her twin but she's catching on. If she was not a twin and/or my oldest was not on the Simply Classical route, I'd put her in MP-K and call it good.

    However, her twin most likely needs MP1 and possibly even partway through MP-1. I also own all of the Simply Classical curriculum guides because of my oldest. Simplicity aside, would it be best to place my daughter in the Simply Classical or put her in the regular MP cores? My view of what is and is not special needs is a bit out of sync because of my oldest daughter's issues.

    The main issues are getting her reading and doing math and improving her handwriting. She seems to do well in all other subjects, especially if I read things to her.
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    Default Re: should I put my 6 year old in SC?

    She seems to have a strong memory, so that will serve her well. It might be wise to give her the extra support of SC right now. SC B and SC C focus on phonological awareness prior to attempting to learn to read. She sounds ready for SC C.

    If (or when) she is already reading CVC words -- or very ready to do so, it sounds as if she would benefit from SC 1.

    For the sake of simplicity, whether you teach from SC C or SC 1, you can combine the twins for MP recitations and MP Enrichment. But keep the one twin in SC core reading, spelling, penmanship, and arithmetic.

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