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    Good morning,

    My daughter and I are slowly working through Level C and one of the reasons it's going slowly is because if I'm not able to get it all in I tend to not do any of it. I struggle with that "all or nothing" concept....I am a work in progress. My question is, will I lose the value of the lessons if we do (for example) a lesson from the numbers book one day plus a few other activities and then the rest of that day's lesson on the following day? Or if I know we can consistently work through one page in each workbook everyday but have to spread out the crafts and activities over a few days, will that be "ok"? This may mean that we're "ahead" in some of the we may be on week 5 in crafts and activities but several pages ahead in the the workbooks. I hope that makes sense. I ask because I know the lessons were written to be a cohesive blend of material and I don't want to lose the integrity of the lessons, if that makes sense....but I also don't want to keep dragging things our when I know we can definitely get some things "done."

    Thank you!
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    Good morning, Nia.

    The readiness levels A, B, C are especially integrated to promote understanding. However, "some" is always better than "none."

    If you can create a schedule for yourself with the most importantly integrated areas, that will help. You only need four areas per day.

    This is the key goal of Level C: to become ready to read by Level 1. In this way, we attempt to prevent reading problems, rather than wait until we need to address them. The following items are best taught exactly as written in Level C for optimal phonological awareness/reading readiness:

    -Alphabet/Writing Lessons -- this is the "spine" of Level C and should be accomplished in its entirely each time you teach. If you taught only this each day, you would be accomplishing much.

    Then ...
    -Choose one: Activity/Craft OR Enrichment Animal Alphabet (Both are hands-on are relate to the sound/letter of the week. Choose whichever is most likely to be accomplished)
    -Choose one: Literature & Language OR Poetry (Both are designed to improve a love of books, engender delight, and create an "ear" for language. Choose whichever you can.)
    -Choose one: Show and Tell OR Recitation (Both are designed for oral language development, general knowledge, and pre-writing conciseness. Choose one.)

    ALL of the remaining items can be accomplished with any pace or schedule. While some relate to the letter of the week, do not worry about this. You will not lose the cohesiveness by teaching these once weekly, at bedtime, or whenever you would like:
    -Opening & Closing Prayer
    -Number Lesson

    Example for a strong but doable program with a total teaching time ~60 minutes:
    2-4 days/week:

    1-2 days/week add these (or another combination as indicated above):
    Show and Tell

    Any time
    Teach Number Lesson and Calendar "ahead" of schedule as desired.
    Teach prayers and devotions as desired.

    While research has debunked the notion of learning "styles," research is clear on the beneficial impact of multiple avenues of multi-sensory input for our struggling students. If you can provide this through the modified plan above, you will have a strong plan you can count on.

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    Thank you Cheryl!

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