A quick bit of news:

I just learned that this video and all 2016 Sodalitas videos are available for free viewing:

Soften Hearts: Nurturing Empathy in the Challenged Child -- this session addresses behavior problems in the home with steps to help your child become a more compassionate person.

(I had been sending people to the for-purchase version, but now we have it for free!)

Pardon my "puffiness," as I was unknowingly on the brink of an autoimmune inflammation issue that year. All is under much better control now, but this serves as a visible reminder to take good care of the one who takes good care of your children (i.e., you!).

More news:
2017 Sodalitas videos are here. Our special-needs sessions, including those led by our SC moms, occurred in workshop form in our standing-room-only SC room, so these were not recorded this year.