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    I have some things for enrichment I found around my house that go well with SC3, just for exposure, that I wanted to share.

    I picked up a set of flashcards last year at a National Park gift shop called "America's National Parks, Monuments, & Memorials". It is a set of 48 cards so it doesn't include all of them, but each one has a gorgeous picture of a building or landscape that is iconic for that park. On the back it has a few facts like location and the date the place was made a park, and then a long paragraph of description.

    I'm not trying to make him memorize them or anything. I bought them on a whim last year, but they just compliment SC3's American history theme so well. He was especially excited when he recognized the place we bought the cards.

    Another neat thing that I have left over from my older boys that I am unfortunately not sure where to say to look for now is antiqued replicas of colonial and revolutionary bank notes, Northern and Confederate bank notes, battle maps and newspaper clippings, and some important documents like the Emancipation Proclamation and the Declaration of Independence all on antiqued paper. I even have a couple of soldiers prayer books. I originally got them several years ago at Silver Dollar City in an American themed shop, so I don't know where else to look for them, but all the pieces were low priced and it's fun to be able to see and touch, especially the money that looks so different. Just to let you know such things exist. I wouldn't if I hadn't seen it while browsing.

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    Great ideas. My daughter and I attended a pre-conference training session with Dr. Carol Reynolds at MP after Sodalitas. We heard this very thing. "Teach history from coins!" She also suggested teaching history from men's neckwear throughout time. Soldiers' prayer books are a good find.

    I hope he enjoys his American history studies this year.

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    Guess I accidentally deleted my post. Here goes again.

    My husband saw today that the Nina and Pinta replicas are traveling the American river systems east of the Rockies this fall. We are going to go on a field trip when it stops near us. We're going to try to catch them going through the local lock, too. Something else neat if it happens to be going your way.

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    The Nina and the Pinta were in our state last year, and our family enjoyed the tour. They were small boats to cross the Atlantic into the unknown!

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