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    Greetings, fellow SN parents! I've been a bit quiet of late. We have been hunkering down all summer in an effort to make progress on our academics so we don't have too much lingering in the Fall still related to this past year. But, in addition to that, my husband and I have been taking a serious inventory of our parenting with the help of a book titled 'Parenting Toward the Kingdom.' We tend to do this each summer in preparation for a new school year and to keep the dialogue open and fluid between us.

    The real reason I'm posting this thread is because I stumbled upon another book recommendation I decided to quickly jump on via an audible download. Some of you may be familiar with Emerson Eggerichs' 'Love and Respect' book, workbooks, bible studies, etc. He wrote this book geared toward mothers and their relationships with their sons. It's proving to be quite life-altering, to say the least. I need this for my older son but am wondering about those of us with special needs boys. I can't help but believe our parenting is 'different' for these boys due to their challenges and am also wondering how much this book could help those of us facing challenges beyond the typical adolescent/teen boy struggles.

    Would love to hear from any of you who may have read this or choose to read it down the road.

    Thankful to lock arms with you on the journey,

    Susan P in VA

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    I answered on the K-8 board, but I wanted to address the special needs part here. Both of my boys have special needs. They both know that I will be their biggest advocate no matter what. I'll move heaven and earth for them to get what they need, and they both know it. (As do my girls.) This brings a special respect to our relationship and has forged a bond that will last forever.

    I'm sure it will be the same with yours. They know how much you care for them, and if you didn't respect them, then you wouldn't care so much!

    I think that children know respect goes both ways. I try to always be a person my children will respect, and in doing so, I become a person who respects them as the created-by-God people that they are.
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