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Thread: SC 3 Tentative Booklist

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    Quote Originally Posted by jen1134 View Post
    How often do they do sales like that? I've ordered before, but I'm not on their email list.
    I just saw someone else post it! Actually, my hubby asked I not buy anything and just wait! LOL We'll just wait to see what all is available direct from MP!

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    MP's ever-faithful Michael is working on updating this thread to add SC 3 books.

    Watch for the update to answer the question about any additional SC 3 books!

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    Good morning,

    The SC3 ISBN list is ready! Please see the Simply Classical ISBN Lists sticky thread.

    Memoria Press

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    I see States & Capitals flashcards are listed. Would you recommend 1 set per child?

    I'm not sure how they're used. I've found my 2 kids differ greatly on their narration ability. So, if the state cards are used to master names or capitals I would probably want a set per child. But if they're just used like, here's a quick picture and some facts, one set will do.

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    Hi, Colomama,

    Yes, the states & capitals flash cards are used in SC 3 for learning and memorizing the capitals for each state. If you wanted separate piles for individualized reviewing, you might need two "decks."

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