We receive this question often ...

Q: Can my nonverbal (or minimally verbal) child benefit from the Simply Classical Curriculum?

A: Yes! SC is the academic/language/fine-motor compliment to all of your good therapies and hard work at home.

The daily lessons supplement everything you do. Our own SC forum member and homeschooling mom with 20+ years experience, Kim Rankin demonstrates this combined approach beautifully with her newly adopted son Nathaniel.

See these blogposts for photos, stories, and tips.

2016-2017: Nathaniel participates in recitations without "speaking" one word!, teaching from SC Level B, 5 weeks so far

2015-2016: Nathaniel studies one book a week, as hope yields to joy - (Kim's mention of "a home program" links directly to SC Level A: Readiness, Rhythm, & Rhyme).

Two years ago, Kim began Augmented Communication with Nathaniel and has compiled quite a collection of ideas. Here is a set of her "low-tech" tips.

Btw, we love that so many of our SC homeschooling moms are good writers! Kim was midway through her master's in English with an emphasis in rhetoric and composition, when little Nathaniel came into her life. Thanks, Kim.

And thank you to ALL who spread the news about the SC programs. My own children necessitate my staying at home most of the time, rather than demonstrating the curriculum at fairs and conventions, so YOUR sharing reaches more families and children than we ever could.



Here is another SC forum post related to the nonverbal or significantly challenged child.