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    I was looking for a way to add in more handwriting practice for my first grader that would tie into the liturgical year. I borrowed one of the Seasonal Missalettes that we use at daily Mass and am pulling the Responsorial Psalms for the days I want to add onto. (I guess I could also use my Magnificats, but I generally leave them safe in the wrapper until the start of the month.) I am also going to have all my children write out the Baltimore Catechism answers to help with retention.
    Does anyone have ideas for things to do about the saints? We read about the lives of the saints on Fridays and are very lucky to have a priest that will give a short bio about whichever saint's Feast Day it is every day at Mass. But I would love to find way to do more.

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    An idea that we got from some friends while on vacation with them was to read from, "Saints for Young Readers for Every Day" by Pauline Press. There are two volumes to cover the whole year, and I even got mine used from abebooks or thriftbooks....can't remember which. They are great for all ages, and usually lead to some great reinforcement. We usually read them around lunchtime when we are all in the kitchen together. It is not copywork, but it has been the best way we have stumbled upon to do something on a regular basis to focus on saints.


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    I do love the Saints for Young Readers, though it isn't copy work!

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