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Thread: First Form Latin question

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    Default First Form Latin question

    I am about to purchase the First Form Latin Year 1 and was wondering if it is necessary to purchase the DVD as well. Thanks

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    Hi There!
    The DVD is not necessary to purchase but as a parent, I would highly recommend it. We have purchased the DVD's for all the Latin programs we have used thus far. (This year I will be using the DVD's for Prima Latina with my son for the first time, as they were not available when my daughter used the program), but we have used the DVD's for Latina Christiana I, First Form, Second Form and for this upcoming school year we have purchased the dvd set for Third Form Latin. In my opinion they are worth every penny and you will not be disappointed. I do know families who have used First Form without the DVD's and I can say that they expressed some struggle but of course, every family is different. And you may have a Latin background yourself which would put you at an advantage to not needing the set. Perhaps someone else on the forum would have another suggestion for you. I hope this helps!
    Blessings, Jennifer

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