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    Can you please explain some more about using the masculine or neuter plural adjective to designate a class of people or things? Specifically, when to use the masculine and when to use the neuter? From the text it looks like the masculine is used for people and the neuter is used for things. I think we are confused because "thing" (res) is feminine.

    And about using adjectives as nouns: are they always in the masculine plural form?

    I hope my questions are clear! Thank you!


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    When referring to a group of people, use the masculine or feminine adjective. You use the masculine if the group is all men or if it is a mixed group. You use the feminine if the group is all women. The neuter is used when referring to things as opposed to people. This has nothing to do with the grammatical gender of a word (e.g. res [thing] being feminine). Res is actually as vague as the English word "thing," and can be translated as "matter, affair, business" and other words.

    The adjective does not have to be masculine plural when used as a noun, but the masculine plural and the neuter plural are the most common. The neuter singular is also common (e.g. He said this. "This" is an adjective [technically a pronoun being used as an adjective] being used as a noun).

    I hope this answered your questions, which were very clear. I just hope my answer is clear!
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    Thank you!

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