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Thread: French and Greek?

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    Question French and Greek?

    Are any more French levels being planned? If so, what sort of timeline are you looking at? If not, do you have any suggestions for a continuation curriculum? Are DVDs available for the course like the Latin ones?

    On another note, the Greek alphabet book looks awesome! What form of Greek will the First Form Greek series teach? When will this be available? Will DVDs be available as well?

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    We don't have a plan to do more French at this point. But Danielle Schultz does list her suggestions for continuing on at the end of French 2. We do not have dvds for French at this time either. It could happen sometime though.

    First Form Greek is basically Attic, but it could really be used for Koine since it is a basic grammar program (like our First Form Latin programs). I'm not sure when we will have it available for sale. We are waiting on a teacher manual, and Cheryl Lowe has several projects ahead of that. We'll certainly make an announcement once it is completed!



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