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    Default Traditional Logic question

    Hi, I saw the 2010 posts about quizzes and tests for Traditional Logic. It said that TL1 quizzes/tests were available via phone order for $9.95 but that TL2 quizzes/tests were not yet published. I have two questions:

    1. Is the TL2 set of quizzes and tests available for purchase now?

    2. Why are these not available for order on the website or even mentioned as being available by phone? I just struggled through a whole semester of TL1 trying to write my own tests on a subject I have never studied, and I am really frustrated to discover that there are quizzes/tests available, after all.

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    I am sorry you had to struggle through TL I! In response to your questions,
    1. Yes, you can call and order the TL II quizzes now, though they are not in their final version yet.
    2. We regularly have books in progress and do not advertise them as being available until we are pretty happy with them. However, if anyone really wants it as is, they can call us and we will sell it as a BETA version, with the guarantee of replacing the beta copy once the final version is out. This forum tends to be a place where people can ask us if something is in the works, and that is why you found it said here but nowhere else.

    Paul Schaeffer
    Director, Schools Division
    Memoria Press

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