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Thread: Greek Myths with FMR?

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    Default Greek Myths with FMR?

    I am planning to use the 4th grade lesson plans with my kids (grades 4 and 5) this year. However, they have never done any Greek Mythology, so I am thinking about adding D"Aulaire's Greek Myths and the study guide. Does this make sense or should I save the myths for another time? Also, if I do both, then should I do just Greek Myths first semester and save FMR for second semester? There seems to be a lot of new material to memorize in both guides, and I don't want to overwhelm them. Grateful for any input!

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    I do think that Greek myths and Roman history would be too much for a 4th grader. Here's what I would do. Just read the D'Aulaires book as a family read-aloud. It is too good to miss. But don't do the study guide. Just enjoy it. In 6th grade, when you do Famous Men of Greece, the first 10 lessons are a review of mythology, so your student will be fine. That frees you up to study Famous Men of Rome this next year, right along with the lesson plans.

    How's this sound?


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    Thank you so much for the input- that is exactly what I will do. After five years of using an "eclectic" curriculum, I can really see the benefits of a packaged curriculum. I always tried to do everything under the sun (there's an abundance of great resources and curriculum out there!) and my kids and I would end up feeling burned out by the middle of the year. I'm looking forward to starting the new school year with a reasonable workload and a few great resources rather than mountains of just good stuff!

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