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    Is there any place for using LCII, or do most people just go from LCI to First Form Latin?

    My daughter did Prima Latina in 2nd Grade, Latina Christiana for 3rd Grade, and now, after looking in the catalog, I'm assuming that for 4th Grade she should use First Form Latin rather than Latina Christiana II. Is this correct?


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    We are trying to move people out of LC2 and straight into FF from LCI. The reason is that FF seems to be more student/teacher friendly. People tend to hit a wall in the middle of LCII that they aren't hitting in FF. The difference is in the more detailed teacher guide in FF and the order in which Cheryl has presented the material. Her introduction of principal parts seems to work better the way she has taught it in FF than it does in LC2. We do still have lots of people that are using LC2 who have been using it for years, so they are comfortable with it. But if you have not taught it before, I think you will have an easier time with FF. I have not heard from anyone in the 3 years that the program has been available who has not been able to get through it successfully.


    Tanya Charlton

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