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  • mom2-3 boys
    replied to Typing CC work
    Abigail - Do you have a typing/fingering course you recommend? Also, do you have a book you recommend for formatting a paper with Bibliography, footnotes, etc. (APA/MLA handbook)? What is best resource for formatting research papers (i.e. science topic)
    Thank you,
    Laura Smith
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  • Thank you. The grammar rule helps.
    I said cohors cohortis is M - it actually wasn't listed as that in dictionary. We went off the definition that it was a unit of 600 men of a legion. But legion is F, and the SOX rule helps.

    If a gender isn't listed in the back how do we know -...
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  • Henle II

    Henle II Lessons 1-3 quiz. (and it is from Ex. 9 #7 in Henle II)
    B Translate:
    The Roman cohort was not large.

    Cohors Romana magna non erat.

    Cohors is M.
    Why is Roman and large F in gender?
    As a country it is F; a person M.
    What rule...
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  • mom2-3 boys
    started a topic Admissions to Service Academies

    Admissions to Service Academies

    I have a son interested in attending a service academy. Is there anyone who has a child who has completed high school with Memoria Press, and then attended a service Academy?
    I am wanting advice on the foreign language. I read on the AF website 2 years of a modern language. I was reading on...
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  • mom2-3 boys
    started a topic Second Form Latin Final

    Second Form Latin Final

    How much time do you give to complete the second form Latin Final? If given in a classroom setting, is it given over multiple days or with breaks in the test? Last year, my when my son took the First Form Final the length of it seemed a daunting task to him (as time management is a skill we are working...
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