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Planning Multiple Levels

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  • pickandgrin
    Re: Planning Multiple Levels

    Back in my "I shall not share my curriculum manual with my kids" day, I made an Excel spreadsheet with as much fixed type in it as I could get, then printed and filled in with pencil things like page numbers week to week. Over the year I kept adding more and more type to save time on writing. Perhaps a solution like that would work for you?

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  • mamabearjd
    started a topic Planning Multiple Levels

    Planning Multiple Levels

    Has anyone had an "a-ha!" solution in planning for multiple levels?

    I wish (wish wish wish) that I could just purchase the core guides and my children could check it off each day....but some are working ahead/working with siblings/reading literature out of sequence, etc. I have a few who really need a checklist so they can see where they are and where they are going, and aren't visually fans of mom marking their list up! Last year I dabbled with OneNote, making a spreadsheet grid for each week. I was pretty pleased with it except that I struggle with formatting issues on the page.

    Anyone else have ideas? I did purchase the lesson plan templates from MP and used those for a while, but wound up preferring my OneNote solution. Maybe there is a way to import the pdf into the one note program, though I'm not sure that helps in any way.

    anyone else brainstorming on this?