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    Was there a way to purchase these sessions/were they recorded? I’m not a current administrator, but as someone interested in possibly creating a cottage school someday I’m interested in them if they’re available.

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    Good morning! The admin fellowship portion itself was a short time of some formal introductions of the CLSA staff and then a time for current leaders to visit with one another informally. The "administrators track" from the teacher training is probably what you are looking for. Yes, these were recorded and are included in the purchase of the teacher training streaming videos.
    Couldn't make it to our Teacher Training Conference this year? Well, we missed you, but we also have good news for you! You can now purchase access to all the Plenary and breakout session recordings. The Teacher Training Conference video membership grants you access to all conference workshops and Plenary sessions led by Martin Cothran, Leigh Lowe, and Shane Saxon. Upon purchase, the conference video page can be accessed through the "My Streaming Courses" tab on your Memoria Press account dashboard.

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      Awesome. Thanks!