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    Teacher Training

    This is the first year I am going to also be able to stay for teacher training, and I am so excited! I am getting ready to register, and I have a question. When registering do we need to have 1 grade level selected and stick with it, or is there some flexibility in moving grades? I really want to be at the Iliad and Odyssey session, but probably need to spend the rest of my time in 5th / K for my younger kids. I wasn't sure if that would be okay, or if I needed to settle on just 1 and stick with it. I certainly don't want to be disruptive and I was only looking at changing after the breaks / plenaries.

    DD 13 (MP 8 - 4FL and Ref/Con through MPOA)
    DS 11 (MP 6 w/MPOA)
    DS 5 - MP K (My first Kindergartner with MP!!!)
    DD 2 - Board Books and Chaos

    Hi Michelle,

    So happy you can join us.
    In registration we need you to pick a main track so that we can provide the right amount of books for the sessions within that track.
    While you are here, if you'd like to visit another session, by all means do so. But, we would not be able to provide you the materials for sessions you jump into.
    There may be extras, we just can't guarantee such.