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Dress code consequences?

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    Dress code consequences?

    Suggestions appreciated!
    We have a two day a week homeschool academy held at our church; we're going into our second year. (!)
    What advice would you have on how to address the dress code? Ours is fairly minimal, and most people followed it well. There were a few that needed lots of reminders (and it was clear some were not bothered by not trying to follow the dress code).

    What/how would you address those that "break" the code? Do you speak directly with student or parent?
    Does the student have consequences?


    I'm not an admin at a cottage school with a dress code, but a parent, and can speak from my experience.

    Our cottage school dress code has changed slightly over the years and now is very closely aligned with the dress code of the full-time HLS program. It's easily accessible on the program's website and we get reminders during registration, over the summer, etc. (dropping a link so you can see it for an example) I feel like it's a reasonable expectation and we adhere pretty closely to it. As a parent, it helps me with decision fatigue. "Well, that's the dress code, so that's what you're wearing."

    In our school communications during the year, we've gotten reminders of dress code expectations. Around Christmastime, we got an email reminder regarding hairstyles and shoe choices -- some of the middle school/high school boys were sporting the shaggy longer style, as well as athletic shoes.

    I feel like the dress code needs to be communicated clearly, with plenty of reminders leading up to the start of the school year. Prospective parents need to be aware, so if you can communicate it on a website, that would be wonderful. I wouldn't want to sign up for a program, then learn after the fact that there was a uniform requirement.

    As a parent, I would prefer an email or phone call to me regarding dress code issues, along with a gentle reminder to my child, especially if they were older. (middle school/high school) I'd also consider the reasons behind uniform nonconformity --- is it financial? (maybe consider some sort of used uniform sale at the end of the school year, or encourage families to connect to pass used uniforms down) Do the families/students understand the purpose of the uniforms? I feel like homeschoolers aren't keen on rules for rules' sake, so maybe a brief explanation of the reasoning behind the uniforms.

    Plans for 2022-23

    Year 12 of homeschooling with MP

    DD1 - 27 - college grad, bakery owner
    DD2 - 16 - 11th grade - HLS Cottage School - online classes, looking at dual credit - equestrian and theatre
    DS3 - 14 -7A Cottage School - soccer/tennis -dyslexia and dysgraphia
    DS4 -14 - 7A Cottage School -soccer/tennis -auditory processing disorder
    DD5 - 10- 5A, Cottage School - inattentive ADHD - equestrian and tumbling
    DS6 - 9 - MP 1 - home with momma


      DiannaKennedyThank you - This dress code is actually more strict than ours, and it's not unreasonable. (Ours is a solid color collared shirt, dress pants, dress shorts/skirt near the knees). Last year, I mentioned it to a student who had never had a problem with dress code (her mom had been texting to confirm it for purchases) but started coming in a jogging suit. What surprised me were the students that came not according to dress code when they had been. Overall, it was not a big problem but it was mentioned as a source of annoyance from several parents whose children were always dressed appropriately after seeing a child of a church leader rarely in dress code.

      We didn't mention it to the littles; just their parents. But I do like the idea of more frequent reminders in general.
      And great point on the why of the dress code. I will stress that a little more at Orientation.
      Thank you!