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Cycle Curriculum Recommendations that Complement MP?

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    Cycle Curriculum Recommendations that Complement MP?

    Odd request: I'm part of a co-op that is developing a classical style two day a week set up for this fall. We are likely using a lot of MP materials, so yay!

    However, there's a strong push for a "cycle" style memory work program. Is anyone familiar with a style that fits best or just better with MP? I'm not necessarily opposed to a cycle plan; I want to not to waste time, energy, etc. on material that doesn't reinforce what we're already studying.

    We plan to use Prima Latina, Latina Christiana, SOTW, MP Christian Studies, possibly some MP literature.

    Thank you for any suggestions!

    You could pretty easily create a cycle style MP memory program.
    1) Latin forms
    2) Christian Studies verses from whatever year you are on in that
    3) Books of the Bible
    4) MP Timeline
    5) Science recitation - rotate the Astronomy, Insects, Birds information
    6) Poetry from the MP Poetry book, just divide it into years
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      Hey Amanda, I don't exactly know what you mean by "cycle" style, but in the back of each of the curriculum manuals is a recitation for each grade level. The recitations correspond to the material covered throughout the year, but you wouldn't have to be doing the entire MP curriculum for the recitation to be extremely valuable memory work. I wonder if the co-op would be open to adopting the recitations? Just a thought.


        See, these are great!
        Shane S The most popular I'm aware of is Classical Conversations - each year a different set of memory work from various subjects like Latin, grammar, science, timeline, etc.
        For a co-op setting to use MP's recitation, does each family need to purchase the recitation files?

        I'm trying to talk the director into writing up our own using the things you already have to memorize for classwork. Hopefully that goes well.


          I see! And I think only the teacher would be required to have it if they are drilling all of the facts in class, but parents might want to buy a copy to have it at home. Here's a link to the digital format of the Third Grade Recitation, for example.


            Originally posted by Amanda U View Post

            I'm trying to talk the director into writing up our own using the things you already have to memorize for classwork. Hopefully that goes well.
            This is a great idea! If they wanted something beyond the coursework, you could suggest one of the music lists and art card sets from Primary (these are great for any age).

            The concept of robust memory work as a standalone subject was not even anything on my radar when we started homeschooling in 2010. I had never heard of it. It's interesting how quickly things become enshrined as non-negotiables!
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              If you want something commercial, I strongly recommend Claritas over Classical Conversations, as they provide more context than CC does, and they use Story of the World, which is part of MP's summer reading suggestions, at least.

              But I agree that making a memory program based on MP would be better!!
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