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  • Wahmaz
    started a topic Getting our footing - classes

    Getting our footing - classes we are gaining traction. It looks like Phoenix is getting TWO new classical cottage school setups! Props to the MP staff for supporting this crazy place 🤣😂

    Ok...our particular co-op (this may apply to the other as well, I may drag her over to this post later) is doing a weird setup. We are co-op style (with a lot of help from another larger group in the logistics area). We still have a few moms who want drop-off style, and they offered tuition, so we may have some work to do there. We are also offering a la crate classes.

    Classes are getting complex though. We are doing a two day spread. Core one day, enrichment the next.

    Lower school is not too bad, upper though...yikes. So here is my layout and some questions to go with it:

    Lit will be at level...nothing crazy

    Classical Studies for upper school will be year 5 only...then add a year each year after. We decided they all need to begin no later than year 5.

    Latin - ugh, Latin. We are offering Henle year one...pray for us. For those who have done first form, second form will be offered for credit. If anyone has a way to “beef up” FF, I am all ears! *several of us use an accreditation service that won’t allow FF as is.

    Writing - is the new hang up. No one wants their 7th+ kid doing CC 1, 2, Or even 3...especially high schoolers. We did have some moms suggest IEW. My question...what levels does IEW cover? It seems close, but I question how close? If we did a summer school intensive for incoming high schoolers, what could reasonably be done after level C?

    History is on a two year cycle for now - U.S. one year, World the next year. We have some ideas for 11th and 12th, but ideally they will be in our dual enrollment contract by then. We are calling the one year course Honors and letting the kids do each course over two years for regular.

    Science is a lab only since Arizona homeschoolers are so finicky...this keeps arguing to a minimum. And math is a tutorial that will meet the kids where they are individually.

    Logic is on the table as well...this one may need to be a tutorial because a few of us have third year logic students and first year as well...we aren’t sure how to run this class yet.

    Does anyone have insight or suggestions? Especially in regard to composition...this one is dragging us back some.
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  • Wahmaz
    I may need to call...upper school kids may just need to do IEW, and begin CC with younger kids so we don't have to play catch up. I know mine can do it, but that is one child vs a clad of 10 or more. Yikes. Co-ops are notorious for not getting work done as well, so I need to really step back and look.

    Now we just need two more board members and an information night.

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  • Enigma
    IEW has SWI at A (3-5), B (6-8), and C (high school) level. Each level teaches the same skills but at faster pacing with higher level reading passages. I would call them and talk about your particular situation. If it is to be a live class, someone needs to be IEW-certified to teach it.

    No one may want their older kid starting at the beginning with CC but if they don't have the foundation, they don't have the foundation. I know MP has remedial speed it up plans.

    Can't help ya with anything else. Good luck, you brave, brave soul.

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