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Thank you for the "virtual" conference!

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    Thank you for the "virtual" conference!

    Hello again! Wow, the videos for Sodalitas were a gift. It was as if a flood gate of information, that which I was specifically seeking, suddenly opened up. So many questions were answered about the MP curriculum, and so many things that I have been learning through trial and error this year were confirmed in the sessions about hybrid homeschooling and cottage schools. I feel like I have direction. I am planning to meet with leadership at my church about their vision for Christian education and now am much more clear on what I need to propose. I cannot thank you all enough for sharing these resources!

    And Jessica, you are as delightful on video as you are in writing. Your presentation on hybrid schools was outstanding. I can't wait to share that continuum of authority with my families. I have families on both ends of that spectrum...100% parental and 100% school, trying to come together. I am also starting to wrap my mind around the idea of a curriculum driven school. It makes a lot of sense. As an independent, rather eclectic homeschooler, I have NEVER been able to follow a curriculum out of the box. However, the more I look into MP and consider it in the classroom context, the more I think it may be the exception. I think Cheryl Lowe knew what she was doing.

    And Michelle T, thank you so much for the help with FSR! I wish I had watched that about 2 months ago.

    Well what a weekend you just had! I'm laughing about the box comment because it's so true. I love to say that you should judge a curriculum by what's IN the box, rather than the fact that someone already did all the work of putting it INTO a box for you. That's like saying "I don't like premade meals" and using that to mean microwave frozen dinners rather than having a chef drop off a catered meal at your house. Bring premade isn't an offense in the least in the second category, it's a miracle and a delight and I wish a chef would drop me off a premade dinner tonight. Ha!
    Festina lentē,
    Jessica P

    2018-2019 · 7th MP Year, 9th Homeschooling
    Interweaving home, cottage school, & MPOA
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