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Sodalitas Gathering/Teacher Training

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    Re: Sodalitas Gathering/Teacher Training

    Originally posted by SPearson View Post
    Maria and I are driving from VA and I'm pretty sure it will be my car as I'm driving home from SG mid-week, whereas Maria will be staying through Friday. Maria will be back from Russia later this month and we'll be doing more specific planning. She is in Manassas and I'm in Warrenton. If you know how to use the messaging system here on the Forum, send Maria and me a private message with contact info. to coordinate!

    SusanP in VA
    I will! I'm so excited!


      Re: Sodalitas Gathering/Teacher Training

      Actually, it seems I don't have the proper permissions to access the private messaging system.


        Re: Sodalitas Gathering/Teacher Training

        You need to enable it, most likely.
        Go to the Forum Actions menu item above and click "General Settings"

        There is a section (the second one down?) about receiving Private Messaging. Make sure to turn it on and allow others to send you private messages.

        Please let us know if this does the trick! When it is enabled you'll be able to click on someone's red type name in their title line of the message and "Private Message" should be an option.

        ETA: Since you've only been on the boards for a few days it just might need to be toggled by someone at the Mother Ship. If so, they'll fix you up tomorrow morning!
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          Re: Sodalitas Gathering/Teacher Training

          That did the trick. Thank you!!!


            Re: Sodalitas Gathering/Teacher Training

            I plan to be there all week. I tried to start a cottage school in the Baltimore area, but gave up when there didn't seem to be sufficient interest. However, we left the website up and the interest form responses are still trickling in, so I'm hopeful. We were able to form a class for Third Form Latin (of all things!) for this fall, but that's the only class happening as of now. I'm looking forward to talking with others who are starting (or have started) schools!
            2018-2019 ~ 5th MP year; 10th year homeschooling
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