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    Enrichment Time Requirement

    I have posed the idea of starting an enrichment gathering in our tiny town and I've had some nibbles of interest. My plan is to do grade 2 enrichment, to include read-aloud, poetry, music, art appreciation, science and crafts.

    How long should this once a week gathering go for? I'm thinking 1.5 to 2 hours. But another post said 3 hours. I have no intention of doing snacks and our weather is so awful in the winter recess wouldn't really be an option either.

    Also, what ages would be appropriate? I know it's designed for K-2, so that a given. I'm thinking of expanding that to 4 year olds and up to 4th or 5th grade. I'll have a 5th grader and there's one more 5th grader interested, both of whom are closer to a 3rd grader developmentally and academically.

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    Re: Enrichment Time Requirement


    An enrichment gathering sounds like fun! You might consider starting the age range at kindergarten since you intend to include the 3rd to 5th graders. This will aid in your ability to moderate the discussion times and crafts effectively. Even the most mature 4 year old will fatigue of extended periods of discussion which is exactly what you want to get from the 3rd - 5th graders. Consider too allowing the 4 year old to have an independent activity to do in the room or allowing them to listen to the story and then leave for independent play.

    For a once a week meeting 3 hours is about the time it will take to complete the meat of your enrichment so if you added 30 minutes that would give you 15 minutes for the people who trickle in late and 15 minutes for clean-up and people late to pick up. You might think about an activity for the students to do while waiting for pick up if the weather is bad. I recently hosted a summer book club for middle school girls at my home and found that sharing a snack (we rotated providing this) at the end of our time together was a good segue to pick up time. It kept then from running loose in my neighborhood which happened week 1!

    Michelle T