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questions re: k-2nd grade

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    questions re: k-2nd grade

    This coming fall there is plans to start up a cottage school. We plan on basing our program off of Highland Latin, utilizing much of Memoria Press.
    Our focus will first start with 3rd-8th grade. However, we may also include a group K- 2nd grade. The problem is that there probably will not be enough students let alone teachers to split K-2nd grade up into individual grades.

    QUESTION: What would be the best way to set up K-2nd grade? What areas of focus for that group would our energies be best spent on? How did Highland start off with that age group? I would love to see us do some Biblical Studies, History studies, Science Studies, Literature type studies and possible grammar or something along that line. I am trying to put together a list of ideas, resources and suggestions. All input is welcomed.

    I have combed the internet to see what other classical schools have done but they are utilizing a different approach than Highland and we feel Highlands approach seems best. Thanks to all who respond.

    I have now taught on every level (K-12). This fall we are also starting a school. I would be happy to share with you our research and plans; perhaps you can glean something of use from our "legwork". May I encourage you to not only do the research, but realize children are very adaptable and with "scaffolding" can thrive in all kinds of educational settings. I have especially paid attention to what the homeschooling community is accomplishing; they teach multi-level every day and with a limited amount of students.


      Starting a school this fall


      I would be very interested in reading the material you are willing to share. I am seriously looking into starting a Cottage School in Hawaii and am currently stuck on the questions of organizing as a legal entity, insurance, etcetera. I don't want to make it more complicated than it needs to be, however it is only prudent to protect all involved.

      My dream, at this time (!), is to model after the Cottage School concept of 1 day of instruction per week, mixed grades (at least K-6 to begin with) and a total of no more than 15 students at a time.

      Mahalo for your assistance...


      Kristin Cozad


        Cottage school start up

        My dream is to start a learning resource center akin to what I think you mean by cottage school. Highline Latin School could have emerges from my mountains of research. Due to an issue of a previous tenant attemting to run water to other part of the house, my boxes of notes became worm food. I've begun the research again, but would appreciate any materials others are willing to share. No need for all of us to reinvent the same wheel part.

        Latin, mathematics, and writing are the subjects I've regenerated so far.
        My idea is based on how we've loosely organized our children at church: littles, middles, and older ones. We want roughly the same type of activity happening at all levels. Currently, the subjects are set up because I can teach them myself. I went to a two room k-8 school and much of what I'm planning follows that model. I'm trying to contact the the teachers to pick their brains.
        Time blocks:
        Language 8-10:30 (Latin, grammar,composition, wordstudy, literature)
        Reasoning 11-12:30(Mathematics, logic/rhetoric)
        Humanities 1-3 or 4 (Science, History, Aestetics)

        I currently tutor and mentor gifted-special ed student who fall through the cracks and I've run composition and science classes before I got ill.

        Email me if your interested in a longer discusion.


          cottage school start-up

          I would also like to start up a learning center or cottage school. Since I am not married, I worry about finances and health insurance issues. I can continue to work my 20 hour job which provides health insurance (but low wages), but wondered if there are any ideas so I can quit the side job and dedicate my time to the teaching that I enjoy.