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Dyselxia resources

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    Re: Dyselxia resources

    Originally posted by Anita View Post
    *Sliding up geek glasses* Uhm, no, ma’am: milkshakes are milkshakes.
    Trust me, I will so drive across town to a for real ice cream shop for 20 milkshakes for this boy. I'm thinking Graeters or Comfy Cow.
    Plans for 2020-21

    Year 10 of homeschooling with MP

    DD1 - 25 - Small Business owner with a STOREFRONT
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    DS3 - 12 - 5A Cottage School - soccer
    DS4 - 12 - 5A Cottage School -soccer
    DD5 - 8 - 3A, Cottage School -equestrian and Irish dance
    DS6 - 6 - MP K - home with Momma


      Re: Dyselxia resources

      Originally posted by DiannaKennedy View Post
      Trust me, I will so drive across town to a for real ice cream shop for 20 milkshakes for this boy. I'm thinking Graeters or Comfy Cow.
      You’re a good Mama.

      I feel that way about my oldest two, but especially my Boy. First Holy Communion is a prime example. Most kids work hard to learn the Catechism (those kids who actually still learn it). He had to work several times harder. So did his sister. We pulled out all the stops for last Sunday. They got dressed in formal, head-to-toe white; they got a huge lunch with all their favorite foods; and I got them pastries and a very fancy layer cake. Even though it was just us and one of my close friends, it was “yuge”.

      Don’t they look smashing? Click image for larger version

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      Boy Wonder: 12, Seton and MP Electives (Special Needs)
      Joy Bubble: 10, Seton and MP Electives (Special Needs)
      Snuggly Cowboy: 8, Seton and MP Electives
      The Comedian: 4, Seton/MP Pre-K, though she’ll probably zoom through that in a week.

      “Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence.”
      ~Pope St John Paul II


        Re: Dyselxia resources

        They look dashing, Anita. Your oldest looks so much like you!

        Our children often must work so much longer than other children, it can be hard on us but seems to serve them well in the end.