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Discerning the Path

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    Discerning the Path

    So, I am new to the forum but not new to home education or classical education.

    Here is my dilemma:

    I am currently active in CC with three of our children. We shall soon complete our 4th year.

    The elder two of the four are skimming by - one due to Learning issues and the other due more to attitude.

    We went and toured a small Christian school. I have my reservations; however. the private tutor has a tutor room there and the children (2 with Dyslexia.....)
    were to spend a portion of each day in tutoring.

    Nine year old son seemed to delight in the experience. Daughters were appalled! Some areas were difficult for them. others insultingly easy, and they thought
    "the children were so immature"! (We are each poor at self-assessment!!) The girls squelched the son's enthusiasm!

    So FORWARD to plan B! Daughters begged to continue on with CC espousing their intent to apply themselves more diligently!

    My Plan B for my nine year old son was to switch out to a mixture of Claritas and Memoria Press and withdraw him from CC.
    He has missed 8 of the 24 weekly gatherings due to health and appointments. I feel he is becoming negatively influenced as he tries to prove himself when we are present and will follow lame suggestions of behavior!

    The girls stepped in and informed him he would become a homeschool geek because he would lack the one day a week of peer interaction!

    Yesterday, a lady informed me of the Special program through Memoria so I have started looking at that information.

    Any thoughts/words of wisdom! Getting through with the first seven was much easier!!!

    Re: Discerning the Path

    Welcome to the forum! If you would like to begin your 9yo, we invite you to take the free online readiness assessments @ He might be well suited to SC 2, 3, or 4, so you can begin with those assessments.

    Let us know if you have any further questions!