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Simply Classical 1 & 2 Phonics & Reading Intensives

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  • Simply Classical 1 & 2 Phonics & Reading Intensives

    If you need an open-and-go but thorough, multi-modal, step-by-step way to teach reading or to address gaps in phonics, consider these options.

    Simply Classical Level 1 (SC 1) begins at the beginning with CVC words, such as "man" and "pig." The student reviews consonant and vowel sounds, begins reading every day, and learns consonant blends by the end of the year.

    Simply Classical Level 2 (SC 2) reviews CVC, silent e, and consonant blends before teaching r-controlled vowels and working on oral reading fluency.

    For more thorough placement assessments, see

    SC 1 Phonics, Reading, Printing Intensive

    1.Individual Lesson Plans with built-in visual-auditory-kinesthetic-tactile (VAKT) lesson plans. Scroll down to Special Needs via the link. You will need Simply Classical Level 1 Phonics and Reading Lesson Plans. (When you click on your choice of Digital or Print you may not see anything happen, but it will be added to your cart.)
    2. First Start Reading Student Set Note that Book E was added to this set. We wait until Simply Classical Level 3 to teach Book E, so you might save this for teaching FSR E in the summer after SC 1 or in the summer after Level 2.
    3. First Start Reading Teacher Guide A-D
    4. Core Skills: Phonics K
    5. Readers Fun in the Sun, Soft and White, Scamp and Tramp
    6. Classical Phonics
    7. Primary Phonics Readers Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 -- Set 3 is for extra, unscheduled practice after Simply Classical Level 1 Phonics and Reading instruction is completed.
    8.Phonics from A to Z -- Recommended reference book with book lists listed by sound per week. The book contains visual aids for teaching phonemes and more.
    9. Suggested Supplement: Phonics Flashcards from Memoria Press

    SC 2 Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Writing Intensive

    1.Individual Lesson Plans with built-in multi-modal lessons. You will need both sets of lesson plans:
    a.) Simply Classical Level 2 Phonics & Spelling Lesson Plans
    b.) Simply Classical Level 2 Reading & Writing Lesson Plans
    2. I Can Read It! Book 2
    3. Simply Classical Storytime Treasures Set
    4. Phonics Flashcards
    5. Classical Phonics
    6. Simply Classical Spelling: Book One
    7. To teach writing: a.) Simply Classical Writing: Book One (Bible Story Ed.) and b.) A Child's Garden of Bible Stories
    8. Simply Classical Copybook: Book Two, Manuscript - this gives extra writing practice and coordinates with the Bible stories
    9. To teach penmanship: New American Cursive 1
    10. Important: To improve reading fluency: American Language Series readers. If you anticipate needing more readers for reading practice, add this set of Primary Phonics Readers. With both sets, work in order beginning with CVC words.

    For both SC 1 and SC 2, plan two sessions daily, at least 4 but preferably 5 times per week. The first session may take 90-120 with brief movement breaks between subjects. Keep materials organized. Keep lessons moving swiftly. End with a moment of success whenever possible.

    The second session will consist only of the student's oral reading. This may require only 15-20 minutes daily but is essential to promote oral reading fluency, an excellent predictor of future success in reading. For SC 2, use materials listed in #10 above or any of the readers in the students' lessons. Plan to alternate paragraphs to give the emerging reader a break, to keep the story flowing, and to provide a strong side-by-side model of good expression, inflection, and fluency.

    If you would like to begin, you may do so any time of year. Send your order directly to[email protected], where someone will be happy to help you!

    The above Intensives will give you a streamlined focus for those years in which you must target reading more intently. For our full curriculum packages to teach all subjects in 34 weeks each year, see

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the Simply Classical forum or privately [email protected].
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