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Sodalitas 2018 - sneak peek and early registration!

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    Sodalitas 2018 - sneak peek and early registration!

    For the past several months, I've had the distinct honor of working with the fine folks at MP and some fellow forum members to put together Sodalitas 2018!
    Pickandgrin, KF2000, Howiecram and JodiSue have toiled tirelessly to make this the absolute BEST SG yet - and once you see the schedule, I'm sure you'll agree that this will be the Gathering to End All Gatherings...until next year, of course.

    The best part? You, faithful forum members, get first crack at registration!

    First, whet your appetite with this beautiful video.

    Next, run - don't walk - to see what's in store for this year's gathering! Click here to see the master schedule, explore all of the fantastic breakouts planned and, most importantly, to register!

    I can't wait to see all of you in July!

    ***Registration is open tonight for all forum members and will open to the public on the MP website tomorrow morning.***

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    DS12 - 7th core + Novare Earth Science + CLRC HS Latin I + VideoText math
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    Re: Sodalitas 2018 - sneak peek and early registration!

    I am so excited! I hope to see many of you there!

    DD1 8/23/09 - SC5/6
    DS2 9/1/11 - SC3,4, 5/6 combo
    DD3 2/9/13 -SC2 to start, MP1 second semester

    Previous Years
    DD 1 (MPK, SC2 (with AAR), SC3, SC4’
    DS2 (SCB, SCC, MPK, SC2)
    DD3 (SCA, SCB, Jr. K workbooks, soaking up from the others, MPK)


      Re: Sodalitas 2018 - sneak peek and early registration!

      We will be halfway across the country this year... Maybe ColoMama and I can split a cab to Louisville.
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