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Keeping organized while moving

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    Re: Keeping organized while moving

    I've been living in denial, but we are moving in May and now I kind of wish it were sooner so I could start using patterned duct tape on everything. Our movers here will not speak English (let alone read it) and knowing I won't have to write Chinese characters on all my boxes makes me smile. Of course, the boxes will still probably end up stacked 10 high in the hallway or left in an elevator anyway, but hey, a girl can dream. At least the kids and I will enjoy the duct tape.


      Re: Keeping organized while moving

      Originally posted by togg_mama View Post
      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for taking time to respond. It's encouraging to hear that I'm doing the right thing carrying on even though we're moving. Don't be too hard on yourself though. The year we had our twins, I really didn't worry about my special needs child as much. There was just too much going on. She did regress for a period of time, but then she caught up and surpassed. Her sisters have been amazing for her development. Trust the Lord through this time and enjoy your little one. Focus on building that bond between the two children!

      Thanks Adrienne

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