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Myself & Others

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    Myself & Others

    It's here!

    Myself & Others is now available. See Book One & Book Two.

    Three & Four are coming along ...

    Re: Myself & Others

    I saw this earlier in my inbox! It looks fabulous. Well done. I sincerely hope you are rewarding yourself with a catch-your-breath hike in the woods and a celebratory piece of chocolate cake
    Boy Wonder: 12, Seton and MP Electives (Special Needs)
    Joy Bubble: 10, Seton and MP Electives (Special Needs)
    Snuggly Cowboy: 8, Seton and MP Electives
    The Comedian: 4, Seton/MP Pre-K, though she’ll probably zoom through that in a week.

    “Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence.”
    ~Pope St John Paul II


      Re: Myself & Others

      Even better than chocolate cake -- out to dinner in Louisville with a few MP staff!

      Tomorrow: working on Books Three & Four in the office. Onward!


        Re: Myself & Others

        I am very happy to see this! One do I decide whether to get level 1 or 2? This is an area we could keep in our curriculum for awhile, so I'd love to get started. Thank you so much! I hope dinner was fun! Lillian


          Re: Myself & Others

          Begin with Book One, if you can. Book Two assumes the student has mastered some content from Book One.

          Book Two is a continuation. For example, you will begin to read stories from Winnie-the-Pooh in Book One and then continue them in Book Two. This gives you a little $$ savings in Book Two, because you will already have Winnie-the-Pooh in hand!

          We plan to post Readiness Assessments to help further with placement, especially when Books Three and Four release.

          When you order, remember the free shipping code for November!

          (And dinner WAS fun! Thanks.)


            Re: Myself & Others

            Readiness Assessments are now ready to view. If in doubt at all, begin with Book One.


              Re: Myself & Others

              I got shipping notice today! I’m so excited.

              Catholic mom to five
              Ds '01 - College freshman: Thomas Aquinas College
              Ds '03 - 10th grade: MPOA Algebra 2, and a bunch of other stuff
              Ds '06 - 8th: MP Tiner science (chemistry, physics, and astronomy), 8M lit, 8M Exploring Planet Earth, ancient history, OLVS 8 Catechism
              Dd '10 (Down syndrome) - JrK with little brother and BOB books
              Ds '15 - JrK with big sister


                Re: Myself & Others

                I ordered book one today. I'm excited!