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Differences in Bible Lesson Plans in SC Level 3 versus "Bible & Copybook Cursive 3"

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    Differences in Bible Lesson Plans in SC Level 3 versus "Bible & Copybook Cursive 3"

    I noticed today sometimes there are differences between the Bible lesson plans in the Lesson Plans for SC 3 (Lit Latin & Liberty) versus the Lesson Plans Download for "Bible & Copybook Cursive 3." For example on week one, the teacher's lesson plan book for Level 3 says pp. 13-14 all week. The download lesson plans say pp. 13-14 on Monday and pp. 16-22 the rest of the week. Any advice on how to decide what might be best to go by or why there are differences? Do I just choose which I think is best for my kids (going by teacher book versus the download for Bible & Copybook Cursive 3 for example). Not sure how well I am asking this/explaining the discrepancies.

    Thank you!


    Re: Differences in Bible Lesson Plans in SC Level 3 versus "Bible & Copybook Cursive

    Thanks, Heather. It might possible that we made changes to the SC 3 Curriculum Guide, and those changes were not made to the Individual Subject Lesson Plans.

    If so, yes, feel free to choose your preferred version, while we update this!