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End-times for school days

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    End-times for school days

    There's been a lot of talk on the K-8 board about having an end time for the school day -- not to keep from overworking, but to keep kids from underworking. In other words, instead of "you get to play as soon as you finish" it's "you get to play when the school day is over" thereby encouraging them to work diligently rather than rush through and have a ton of mistakes later.

    I'm tempted to try something like this again (last time was a few years ago and my kids just didn't have enough work available). My EF ones wouldn't like it but once it became routine I think they'd be okay; but, I'm not sure if it's wise from an ADD/anxiety standpoint.

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    Re: End-times for school days

    I struggle wth this one too. I love the idea of a set schedule. It helps me as much as it helps my children. But there are days.... (WHEW!) Getting my oldest, especially, out from under the table is an accomplishment, much less formal schooling. Once we get going, though, it's usually okay.

    So I'm tinkering with a definite end time every day but an abbreviated one. So instead of school from 8-2, school from 830-1, for example. Shorter might be better. It would keep a schedule, but not be overtaxing (for me or them!).
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      Re: End-times for school days

      The problem I always run into with schedules is how to keep them around therapy schedules. We can't always choose times because of general shortage with therapists. We had an insurance issue and they stopped seeing him for a month at one place and now he is back on a waiting list for PT. It probably won't start back until after school starts. His speech can only schedule in the mornings. He doesn't always do well with school after therapy. How do you much more organized folks manage a schedule around these types of things? He does do well with schedules. He could really use the idea of an ending time I think. I still have a visual system so he knows what we have to do each day, but scheduling is a real bugbear.
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