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Different boys..different curriculum

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    Different boys..different curriculum

    Hello All,

    My 6 year with Autism has gone to early childhood special education for three years and was in an Autistic classroom for Kindergarten last year. This coming fall (August 2017) we decided to homeschool him using MP SC 1. I'm unsure how to integrate this into the curriculum I'm already using for my K and 3rd grade typically developing children. There is no way I can follow the schedule in the book from 8-1:30 and still do school with my other two. We are all doing Rod and Staff Math, Apologia Science and Mystery of History. My 3 and K are doing Latin and my 3rd grader is doing grammar, spelling and classical writing separately. Any suggestions on alternate schedules would be great. My 6 year old will take a little more working with but I still have a dependent K and semi-dependent 3rd grader. This is my schedule right now.

    6:30-7--spelling/cursive handwriting alternate days
    7:10-8:30--opening group with review, Wonder, Beauty, Imagination, recitation
    10:00-11:45--reading, each child 30min.
    12:45-1:00--Bible (Awanas alter. with worldview)
    1:00-1:30--writing (3rd grader)
    1:30-2:30--science alt. with History and Classical Conversations
    2:30-3:00--grammar (3rd grader)
    3:00-3:30--read aloud time (alternate books)

    I didn't put breaks in here because there are times when I'm working with a child that the other two will have a break. kiddos are up at 5:15-5:45 every morning. May as well take advantage of it.

    Any suggestions for changes would be appreciated.
    Christy M.

    Re: Different boys..different curriculum

    Hi, Christy. I would move WBI to later, even afternoon, and place your 6yo son's reading in that prime spot. SC 1 is all about learning to read. He will need the time. During that time, perhaps the other two could practice cursive, spelling, or other quietly independent fine-motor tasks assigned from earlier in the morning?


      Re: Different boys..different curriculum

      Are you using MP K and 3 with the other two, or other curriculums?

      If you're using MP K for the neurotypical K, you could simply sub in SC1 math and teach both together, they both cover the first half of math 1.

      You could mark the independent activities for the third grader in their guide (cursive, spelling, etc) and that could be their task during k math.
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        Re: Different boys..different curriculum

        Yeah..I'm using Rod and Staff both for typically dev. 5 yo (soon to be K) and my Au 6 year old next year but my K son will be way ahead of him. I'm starting him at the beginning but he will advance quickly. He's half way through Saxon 1 this year (Pre-K). He seems to have an aptitude for least now. I've actually blocked out a two hour time period for Math and Reading( each subject 45min.), giving 45 min. to each child in both subjects with a little extra time built in. I'm using different reading curriculums.

        I do think I have it figured out. Thank you so much for your input. It helps me process and think things through.


          Re: Different boys..different curriculum


          It sounds like you might have figured out an alternate schedule. I wanted to offer a few suggestions. Have you thought about doing Mystery of History and Apologia Science using the audio books. You could listen during breakfast, lunch, quiet play time, drawing time, or in the car, etc. Your Bible and Awana time could be in the evening or weekend which might be nice to have it separate from school. I'd also suggest getting your 3rd and K children as independent as possible, while still reserving a chunk of time to go over lessons one on one. Maybe even assign your 3rd grader to listen to the K's recitation or flashcards, etc. It looks like you've got a lot of extras. If things get tough and your time is short you could move some things to summer or as independent work when your kids are ready. Just some thoughts from a mom who's been at this for 13 years! Try to enjoy the time too! It might not seem like it now, but it passes so quickly!

          God Bless,


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          D 16: 11th grade
          S 13: 7/8th grade
          S 9: 4th grade
          D 7: 1st/2nd grade
          D 5: 1st grade


            Re: Different boys..different curriculum

            Thank you Angela...I appreciate suggestions from homeschool moms who have been doing this a while.