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SC 2 or SC 3

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    Re: SC 2 or SC 3

    Great advice given so far. I've been thinking about your post since last night. I agree that the best thing to focus on is what does she need RIGHT NOW? What is the right curriculum pieces right now that will provide her the right amount of challenge and accomplishment? Once you find peace with those choices, commit to doing them well and right, without trying to rush through it. When you finish each area, you'll re-evaluate what the next curriculum piece is. I've been working through this with reading as well. I'm learning that I can't predict where she'll be in September, next January or next year. I know what we need to be doing right now and we're doing it until it's done. From there we'll see where we go.

    For us, with reading being the big issue, I'm hopeful that someday we'll get back on track with full cores, maybe by skipping one literature guide a year and working on reading year round. But if not, we'll just keep doing the next right step and it will take us where we're meant to be.

    Also, with grade levels stressing you out, I'm curious how others handle this. For us, we did not finish Kindergarten reading level, but my daughter knows she's now in first grade, regardless of what level of material we're using. Each year of work will equal a grade, even if it's not following what grade the curriculum is assigned for. This allows the child to answer this question from family/friends/strangers with confidence and it doesn't matter what actual work we're doing it. Is this what others do as well? I won't start first grade telling her we're still in Kindergarten reading, I will just tell her this is where her first grade reading is starting.

    -Laura Allen
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