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SC3 or MP2

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    SC3 or MP2

    I have loved looking at all the samples of the new SC3! I've been poring (obsessing) over choices for my 6 year old's next school year. She fits perfectly into some areas of MP2, and perfectly into some areas of SC3. I need some help deciding what to sub in to make the best fit though! She is currently finishing MP1; we are working at half pace due to inattention and some struggles with written work. I've had to modify STT and More STT quite a bit, but we are almost finished with them. She won't be sad to see them go. Here are the 2 options I'm considering for next year:

    MP2. I would sub SC Spelling instead of Spelling Workout, and would need to find something to sub instead of the Lit guides. She could handle the reading but melts at just the thought of those guides. The copybook also worries her, so I would probably sub the SC3 Copybook. She could handle the Math, no worries there. Latin...iffy.

    SC3. Love all of it, except for the More Story Time Treasures. She would die a million slow deaths having to do it again, even though the SC version is different. And she can already read the books fluently. She just read Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie with no help or stumbling except for with proper nouns. Not sure what I could sub for MSTT, anyone have ideas? Or just work through it again?

    Thanks for your input!

    Re: SC3 or MP2

    I remember reading some of your other posts about slowing down and if I remember correctly your daughter won't be 7 until the fall? So she is a year ahead of her age in grade placement?

    If this is accurate, my first thought is how could you fill a year to slow down and get back on pace to do MP 2 the following year when she's 7 going on 8? Is this your goal? Do you think that a gap year would get you to a place here you wouldn't have to do as much modifying in the future?

    If so, I bet you could piece together a great year based off of SC3 and adding in some other reading/literature stuff.

    DD8, MP3/SC5-6
    DD6, MP1
    DD5, MPK


      Re: SC3 or MP2

      Hi Laura,
      Yes, she is a very young first grader, turned 6 in October. She definitely needs to mature before doing MP 2. I'm thinking a gap year of SC3 (subbing some of the Lit as I mentioned) could be a good fit. I especially want to work on her spelling and writing, and love the look of SC3 for that. So perhaps she could do SC3, then MP2 (with math 3) then move on to MP 3M or 3A.


        Re: SC3 or MP2

        Just a quick note to say that because she completed MP More Storytime, you can safely omit SC More Storytime, if you teach from Core Skills: Phonics, SC Spelling, SC Writing, and make sure she reads orally every day.

        For oral reading, you can substitute the Extended Lit books from SC 2, ALS readers from SC 2 and SC 3, and, if she is ready, partner-read stories from SC 3's The Story Bible by reviewing unfamiliar words before she reads.


          Re: SC3 or MP2

          Thank you, Cheryl! I'm happy to know we can safely omit MSTT. We will make sure we continue to read aloud each day; thank you for the book suggestions.


            Re: SC3 or MP2

            Would it be terribly rotten to do SC3 but with the MP2 Enrichment? Could I even call it Literature, Latin, and Liberty at that point? I know the regular Enrichments (MPK-2) can be shuffled around, but what about in SC? Would we be doing ourselves a disservice to switch Enrichments? The only reason I ask is because I already have the guide and most of the read alouds for MP2 Enrichment, and due to living overseas the cost and hassle of getting the SC3 read aloud set is a bit daunting. Would love to hear some good arguments for doing SC3 as written and whether the Read Aloud set is truly optional.


              Re: SC3 or MP2

              You can still call it Latin, Literature, & Liberty, because you have the "liberty" to do whatever best suits your family's needs!

              MP/SC Enrichment is just that: enrichment. The core tasks -- reading, writing, arithmetic, and gaining knowledge through memory work, recitations, and copywork -- take preeminence in the primary years.

              If you would like to substitute MP 2 Enrichment, you are free to do so. MP 2 Enrichment, like K & 1, are beautifully planned to provide a broad yet cohesive introduction to science, history, culture, music, and art.

              If you decide to make this substitution, just be sure to teach from SC Writing: Bible edition, rather than the SC Writing: American History Read-Aloud edition, unless you plan to teach the chronological facts, themes, and biographies about American history 1400s - 1900s in your own way.

              Looking ahead, if you planned to continue with SC 4, I would consider ordering and teaching these items beforehand or alongside SC 4:
              1. SC American history read-aloud set
              2. SC Writing: American History Read-Aloud edition
              3. SC Enrichment Guide

              Otherwise, she might miss the key features and people of American history taught in SC 3. In SC 4, we build on the foundation of American history laid during SC 3. We also continue literature that coincides with American history.

              However, because you plan to follow the MP Classical Core, she will be just fine. She will study American history at the proper time. After you settle back into the MP Classical Core, everything will be streamlined for you.

              And again, all of this is for "enrichment." If time, energy, finances, or, in your case, location prohibit teaching SC 3 American history right now, you can cover this in other ways. And she is only 6 now, 7 by the fall! This is all truly your call as to how you would like to proceed, thus the "liberty."